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Policies and Procedures

What is a policy?

A policy covers the beliefs and values of the setting and shows how we deliver our childcare and early years education. They are the principles that guide us. Our policies will inform our procedures and make sure that we adopt a standard of practice in our setting that minimises risk to the children in our care. All policies basically stick to the principle of providing the safest possible environment for children, with an element of risk.

What are procedures?

Procedures clearly state the course of action to be taken in a given situation. This makes sure that our childcare practice is consistent and that clear standards of practice are upheld. Clear procedures can have significant benefits for everyone concerned, staff, volunteers, parents and children. Procedures make sure that everyone knows what will happen in any given and carefully planned procedures also make sure that children benefit from a consistent approach that gives them the comfort of an established routine.

A policy is a course of action adopted by an organisation or individual. Policies inform procedures.
A procedure is a series of actions carried out in a certain order or manner.

Policies: Feature


Health & Safety

First Aid

Administering Medicines

Allergies & Illnesses

Nappy Changing

Food & Drink

Reporting & Recording (accidents)

Prevent Duty

Arrival & Collection of children

Uncollected Children



Privacy Notice

Children's Records

Provider Records

Transfer of Records

Confidentiality & Client Access

Information Sharing


Behaviour Management

Disciplinary & Grievance Procedure

De-Escalation & Positive Handling


Fees and Funding

Notification of Leaving

Parental Involvement


Employment & Staffing

Student & Volunteer Placements

Working with other Agencies

Key Persons

Looked After Children

Missing Child

Equal Opportunities

Equipment & Resources


Outings & Visits


Supporting Children with SEN


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