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GDPR - What does it mean for you and for us?

As you have likely seen all over the internet, and no doubt in your inbox, GDPR is coming!

But what does that mean for you and what does it mean for us, here at Playgroup?

It is likely that you won't even notice much change (other than perhaps feeling like we are trying to bury you in paperwork!) but all the changes are for your best interests.

Basically, it is trying to make it easier for you to understand what you are agreeing to, and why you are agreeing to it, when you give over your personal information (or your 'data').

We don't often ask for your data, this is mainly on the registration forms you fill in when you first join our Playgroup. However, whether you have already joined us or you are considering joining us, you have the right to know what we are doing with this information and how we look after it.

For these reasons we have produced a new Privacy Policy that we encourage you to read and, for those of you already with Playgroup, we will be giving you a letter this week with more information too (about us having and using your email addresses, etc.).

We ask you to please read this carefully and also that you do not hesitate to ask us any questions about it too.

The new Privacy Notice will be available on our website before the 25th May and a paper copy will be displayed at Playgroup. You will also all receive a copy by email and a paper copy too of both the letter and the Privacy Notice.

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